5 Things To Know Before Starting Your Career

We all hear the same advice before entering the career field, but some of the most import tips fall through the cracks.

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#5. It’s Not All About the Salary

I was certainly guilty of chasing the number when I first started the job search and it’s hard not to. It’s the eye-catching, head-turning part of the job that we frame our understanding of careers around from childhood.

#4. Health Benefits Matter

We don’t think of it much when we’re young, but the right health insurance plan makes a huge difference. I was satisfied hearing the company offering full benefits and rarely asked a follow-up. But the benefits of a company’s health plan are in the details. I lucked up and got great coverage through my employer, but some of my friends were not so lucky.

#3. Be Mindful of Deductions

Not everyone’s favorite topic, and not my favorite section of the pay stub, but the amount of taxes getting taken out is essential to any budget. Luckily, we have some control over the how much.

#2. Being Early is Being on Time (not so cliche)

I know this is standard first day on the job advice. Still, it’s worth repeating, especially when first entering the professional world. It helps to get in the habit early.

#1. Self-Care. Self-Care. Self-Care.

We all want to be as efficient — getting as much of our best work done as possible — at the office, but that’s not likely unless our bodies are healthy and our minds stay engaged. Don’t be afraid to step away occasionally when you hit a wall, the law insists you get at least one a day.

DaRon is a New Orleans based writer and recent graduate focusing on cultural, social and political issues.

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