The Weeknd, After Hours. Copyright Republic Records.

“You can find love, fear, friends, enemies, violence, dancing, sex, demons angels, loneliness, and togetherness all in the After Hours of the night”

With ephemeral, wobbling synths, mystical melodies, and the dry cries of a detached lover, The Weeknd welcomes us to his latest project. We are wafted into a dream-like world of his own creation, with darkness, conflict, and intrigue abound.

“After Hours” perfects the sound that is frequently in conflict with itself, much like the artist. A new more promising chapter for the 30-year-old, his efforts amount to one of the best overall albums in the Weeknd’s — usually wanting — catalog.

Not your average breakup album. The Weeknd croons about passion, pain, and overindulgence, all over chart-topping beats straight from…

The earlier the better!

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Closing on a home is no exact science. Time ranges vary depending on the market, lender, property, type of loan, and complexity of the transaction.

Above all, how you pay for your home has the most impact on the speed of the closing process. Cash payments in full being the quickest — taking as little as 7 days.

However, the most common method is a mortgage financed purchase.

The general consensus is that closing on a home using a mortgage takes an average of 45–60 days.

The 2 Phases of the Closing Process

After the initial offer is made, the buyer and seller…

When tech companies make their own governments.

Photo by Alex Knight on Unsplash

Imagine you accept a job offer at an innovative technology company promising to change the world. Your role will be based in Nevada. And by the way, you get to live in the company’s very own town. And that town comes complete with a government completely controlled by your new employer.

This scenario may not be too far off.

Governor Steve Sisolak of Nevada imagines this as a potential future for the state of Nevada.

According to a draft proposal not yet introduced to the Nevada legislature, select tech companies, if deemed innovative enough, would be allowed to set up…

Are we just blowing more air into a leaking balloon?

Student loan forgiveness has been a hot topic recently. With a President-elect recommending to cancel $10,000 in federal loans, and leading Democratic Senators urging $50,000 in loan forgiveness, it seems inevitable.

I was all in favor of canceling debt for all. But the real solution to the student debt crisis isn’t as simple as we would think.

That said, the benefits of forgiving mountains of debt would be undeniable.

There are currently 45 million borrowers, collectively owing more than $1.7 trillion in student loan debt.

It depends.

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With the Trump administration transitioning out of the White House, our nation is likely to experience some major shifts.

President-elect Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have proposed an ambitious agenda and both have a lot of work ahead to heal the country.

So what should we expect?

The Biden-Harris agenda has committed to extensive government spending to address both COVID-19 and economic recovery.

Their signature “Built back better” pandemic recovery promises nationwide testing, a 100,000-person Public Health Jobs Corps, hazard pay for essential workers, massive vaccine stockpiles, and more.

While the economic agenda is oriented around rebuilding (green) manufacturing in the US, building on…

2020 has been taxing but let’s end it on a high note.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Honestly, this year has been sucky. And personally disheartening. It feels as though the world I was finally starting to understand has shifted under my feet. The eeriest part is that the shields I thought we could rely on to keep us safe seem to be the very things hurting us most.

But that part’s been talked about to death.

I wanted to try an exercise of sorts. One where I look on the bright side of life and try to find the beauty in the madness. For my little experiment in positivity, I reframe some of my biggest worries…

Tracking data may be the way to a speedy return to normalcy, but what would we be giving up?

Photo by Matheus Bertelli from Pexels

“Would you let your location be tracked if it saved lives? Would you be fine with your rights being limited if it slowed the spread of COVID-19?”

It seems innocuous, easy to miss. When we see yet another news headline offering another insight on the pandemic. Media outlets like NPR showcasing the location data of millions across the country to show more Americans are leaving their homes during a shutdown.

Our country’s unwavering focus on the COVID virus has doubled as…

Dark Lane Demo Tapes is everything you need for a relaxing evening of quarantining

Dark Lane Demo Tapes Cover Art. OVO Sound/ Republic, 2020.

Drake’s latest project, with the feel of a mixtape, Dark Lane Demo Tapes showcases the artist’s return to the basics. Filled with throwaways, leaks, and new chunes, we are offered a side of Drake we rarely see in the music. A glance at the authentic.

Arguably his gloomiest release yet, the cover art tells us what is contained before pressing play. The striking artwork transports us to a dark space, with bright spots featured throughout, and provides an unflinching look at the artist behind the mask.

Considering our dreary containment, the tape fits the times. And Drake has delivered a…

A New Generation’s struggle with a country’s love of work.

Photo by Prateek Katyal from Pexels

America is officially the hardest working nation on the planet. Not the most efficient. Not the highest-earning per hour worked. Just the longest working nation on the globe. To be fair, there is nothing wrong with working hard. But at what point does our workaholic, hustle culture become plain exploitation?

When I talk about the hustle culture, I am talking about defining one’s life around work performance and the constant pursuit of the grind. Think entrepreneur and walking Millenial motivator, Gary Vaynerchuk.

While there is nothing wrong with working hard in pursuit of one’s passion, our country’s love of the…

Eminem’s latest album. The levels to aging as a rapper. And the disconnect in generational communications.

Photo by Tim Savage from Pexels

Since I first heard the nasally, sporadic streams of thought blasting through my brother’s CD player, I was in awe of the voice creating the most vivid, fascinating verses I had ever heard. The crude rapper breezed through each line, making the most incredible lyrical feats (including successfully rhyming “orange” several times) seem effortless — all the while telling a hyperbolized story of their life.

Eminem has been challenging the limits of free speech on behalf of all mainstream artists’ for decades, managing to grab the attention of a nation through his rise in the early 90s. …

DaRon Rashod

DaRon is a New Orleans based writer and recent graduate focusing on cultural, social and political issues.

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