The Weeknd, After Hours. Copyright Republic Records.

“You can find love, fear, friends, enemies, violence, dancing, sex, demons angels, loneliness, and togetherness all in the After Hours of the night”

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When tech companies make their own governments.

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Are we just blowing more air into a leaking balloon?

It depends.

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So what should we expect?

The Biden-Harris agenda has committed to extensive…

2020 has been taxing but let’s end it on a high note.

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“Would you let your location be tracked if it saved lives? Would you be fine with your rights being limited if it slowed the spread of COVID-19?”

It seems innocuous, easy…

Dark Lane Demo Tapes is everything you need for a relaxing evening of quarantining

Dark Lane Demo Tapes Cover Art. OVO Sound/ Republic, 2020.

A New Generation’s struggle with a country’s love of work.

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Eminem’s latest album. The levels to aging as a rapper. And the disconnect in generational communications.

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DaRon Rashod

DaRon is a New Orleans based writer and recent graduate focusing on cultural, social and political issues.

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