Aging Out of Music

Eminem’s latest album. The levels to aging as a rapper. And the disconnect in generational communications.

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But I haven’t listened to an Eminem album in earnest since Recovery.

So rare is the message of an artist’s music able to span past the generation they originated, and reach the subsequent ears raised on the foundations laid before it. So when a 47-year-old vet of hip hop releases an album — in a market where mid to late 20 seems like the average retirement age — I get nervous.

Music and Murder

The intro track entitled “Premonition” immediately addresses the elephant in the room as Em gets to work, laying his heart on his sleeve. True to form, he treats the studio like a one-man therapy session with no boundaries in sight. In the aftermath of the last album’s critical flop, which fueled rumblings that he is long past his prime, Em attempts to make another attempt to prove critics wrong, and prove something greater to himself.

Business and Culture Mix

It’s called music business for a reason. Like any product on the market, an artist is not immune to the market forces. Shady’s bold, in your face disregard for reverence took a genre known for its counter culture to new heights. And the culture he helped to build takes his lessons to the next level.

DaRon is a New Orleans based writer and recent graduate focusing on cultural, social and political issues.

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